středa 12. října 2011

Dotted sweater - english version

So finally it's here and I am publishing my first DIY tutorial. It's a cute dotted sweater. Surely you can also sew or glue the dots, but I prefer this kind of look. 

You will need: sweater made from wool, block of foam, wool for felting cca.10g (there is too much wool on the picture), felting needles, cookie cutter.
I use here the felting technique. This technique works only with wool fibers. You can use common wool, merino wool or cashmere. I used thrifted cashmere sweater.

At first you can add some marks at the spots, where you need dots. Then put the foam into the sweater and place the cookie cutter.

Put small amount of wool into the cookie cutter and stab with the felting needle.

After some time you can stab without form. During the work lift the sweather because fibers can jam in the foam. If you feel the pressure during felting, you can change the needle and use thinner one.

Felted dot looks like this: it's fitm and you can't remove it from the surface

This is the back side of the sweater. Don´t cut the fibers. It's better to felt them from opposite side. 

Continue felting and here is the final result:

I hope you liked my tutorial.

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