pondělí 24. října 2011

White and blue necklace

I created this necklace while thinking about my last summer. You can learn how to work with polymer clay (I used clay named Fimo). Enjoy the tutorial!

You will need:

Polymer clay, foil, leather thread, tooth picks, razorblade. You can work with polymer clay like with play dough.

Cut polymer clay into small pieces
Squeeze clay into the ball
Cut and squeeze marble several times

Make a ball out of foil and puncture it
Wrap the foil ball with the slices of clay
Put the toothpicker through the ball
I cut the polymer clay with the razer because of the clean cut. If I wan't to spare the material I use the foil.

Bake balls as said on the packaging. I baked it on 110 Celsius degrees for 30 minutes
Finished balls
Thread the beads on.

Necklace is ready!

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